Protecting the Dream of a Secure Retirement for all Americans

Drastic stock market fluctuations, very low interest rates for savings, dramatic inflation in prescription drug costs, the loss of pensions, and the often crushing costs of disease and crippling illness are threatening the security of retired Americans. The promise of a retirement with dignity is disappearing for many seniors.

WHOCA 7-13
Most Americans do not know that under a new definition of poverty, developed by the Census Bureau and taking into account cost of out-of-pocket expenses and higher cost-of living-locations, 15% of all retirees fall below the poverty line. America can only fulfill its obligations to those who have given a lifetime of service and labor to their country if the Social Security and Medicare benefits they have earned are protected and expanded to meet today’s challenges.

The Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund works to educate all Americans about the challenges facing older Americans by leveraging our network of 35 state chapters and 4 million members to conduct senior to senior education, training and mobilization. We believe that an informed public is needed to ensure sound policies are adopted at the federal, state and local levels.

* The Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund is affiliated with the Alliance for Retired Americans, a nonprofit advocacy organization which works on issues of importance to retirees and their families.